The documentary KINGDOM BY THE SEA…Fortress Monroe was accepted in the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, and had a screening in New York on Friday, February 29th.  In May it will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Market.

Kingdom by the Sea…Fortress Monroe explores the history, reviews the debate and considers the future of Fort Monroe as the U.S. Army plans to vacate by 2011.  When a state appointed Fort Monroe Federal Area Development Authority or FADA was authorized to decide, a passionate community debate ensued.  The purpose and outcome of the civil war was forever changed in Hampton, Virginia at Fort Monroe through the acts of 3 courageous slaves, Frank Baker, James Townsend and Sheppard Mallory.  Through this act, Fort Monroe began to be called Freedom’sFortress, where slavery began to die, and freedom for all Americans, truly began.

Kingdom by the Sea…Fortress Monroe was produced by the WHRO Center for Regional Citizenship and directed by independent producer Amy Broad of ROCK EAGLE Productions.
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